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What Are Recovery Programs Like?

Written By Recovery Centers - January 17th, 2019
What Are Recovery Programs Like?


Checking into a rehab center, no matter how smart it is, and how great a life-changing event it is, is a big, frightening step.  A person struggling with alcohol or drug dependencies often has loved ones urging them to check into a recovery center for detox.  Sometimes, the person in need of rehabilitation may be defensive or reluctant.  Some of this may come from not knowing what to expect.  What happens in a rehabilitation program?  When a lot of people stop to think of it, they may not know.  So let’s have an overview.

What Happens When You Check Into a Rehab Center ?

Some people may fear that when they begin detox for alcohol or drugs, they are being imprisoned, or that some person will start screaming at them.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  One isn’t put in a cell or some sensory-deprivation chamber.

Instead, the recovery process starts with the person being tested and diagnosed.  You’ll then get a chance to have a mental health screening or session, and can discuss with counselors their specific needs to build a plan.

Usually a rehab plan will be drawn up. It will take into consideration one’s needs and a likely path to health.

What Do You Do Each Day In a Rehab Program?

Well, you do get to start with breakfast. Was your breakfast before made up of a fruity pastry, a slice of cold pizza, or nothing at all?  One great way to start your turn in the right direction is to start eating a square, healthy breakfast.

            Therapy and Meetings

A rehabilitation program isn’t about sitting in a hospital bed playing solitaire and just waiting around, doing nothing but not using a substance.  Rather, many rehabilitation centers help you through a 12-step program; if not that, other sorts of organized therapies.  For example, maybe before lunch you might go through a group session.  This may involve eight or nine people sharing experiences, having discussions, completing exercises, etc.

After that, you may see a therapist or psychologist or psychologist.  This can involve talking about how to improve your psychology so you will be able to cope with the cessation of your habit.

Another integral part of your recovery treatment process might be going through a comprehensive and interactive therapy.  These therapies may be cognitive development therapy or other sorts.  They may take place three or for times a week.  They involve a good amount of effort and learning on the part of the patient.  Keep in mind that you’ll have free time between various sessions so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

            Sports and Activity-Related Therapies

Many rehabilitation centers have at least limited facilities for recreation, like a basketball hoop, a small exercise room, etc.  One often has the option of jogging around the facility.  Exercise can definitely help with depression, Obsessive Compulsive Behavior, and other conditions often associated with dependence on substances. 

That is why sometimes what happens at a rehab program is that exercise is interwoven into therapies.  Rock climbing, mountain biking, obstacle courses and similar activities can be therapeutic.  These are done by groups, meaning that they are good for socializing, good for morale, and can teach patience and cooperation and maybe leadership.

Visits From Family

All too often, people think of rehabilitation centers as places where they are isolated and left alone to go through  trial of incredible self-discipline and depravation.  But that’s not what rehab is like.  While the patient does have soul-searching and a schedule of therapies, we do encourage visits from family members. Sometimes rehabilitation from substances can get to a person, causing sadness or a feeling of frustration.

Visits from family are a wonderful way to keep morale up and get encouragement that can power you through.

Therefore, a day in rehab—as well as the whole process—are a lot more structured and more interesting than one might think.  If you need help, contact us.

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