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Is Drug Relapse Real? How Do I Resist It?

Written By Recovery Centers - November 11th, 2022
Is Drug Relapse Real? How Do I Resist It?

Statistics show that between 40% and 60% of people have a drug relapse. Revealing that getting clean is not always going to be a smooth road for most.

There are many risk factors involved that can make getting clean difficult. As well as staying clean when those urges return, and you have to resist them.

Drug rehabilitation is a long process for the majority of people. Drug addiction is not easy to beat, and many fear relapsing as the temptations are strong.

Keep reading to find out what drug relapsing is and what treatment options people can use.

What Is a Drug Relapse?

A drug relapse occurs when a recovering addict returns to their addiction. If this is an alcoholic, this means that they may have broken down and had a beer or another alcoholic beverage.

In order to have a relapse, you have to have tried to stay clean. Many people are often able to do this for a few days or even several months.

Unfortunately, there is no time when you can’t relapse if you are a recovering addict. The risk will always be there if you are exposed to your previous addiction.

Some people may relapse just once in a moment of weakness but return to being clean. While others may relapse entirely, going back into their addiction.

Longer relapses are going to be much harder to get over than short ones. Though it depends on the person and why they relapsed in the first place.

How Serious Are Drug Relapses?

Drug relapses can be mild or very serious, depending on the type of drug and the person. You may have broken your sobriety and had some alcohol or smoked some weed.

While someone else may have gone back to using harder drugs that are much more addictive. Making this kind of relapse far more severe and hard to recover from.

It will also depend on why the person relapsed in the first place. Maybe they couldn’t stand the temptation, or they had a mental break.

Why they relapsed is going to have a big impact on the severity. As well as how difficult it will be for them to start getting clean again afterward.

Causes for Relapsing

Many people relapse for a variety of reasons that are personal to them. They may have slipped up and come into contact with past friends or were around their addiction.

They may be under a lot of stress and do not know how to deal with it. Leading them to return to old coping mechanisms that are not healthy.

Many people also give in to withdrawal symptoms if they are new to being clean. These can be incredibly strong and hard to resist on your own.

Many people go through a process before fully relapsing, starting with emotional relapsing. Where they let go of positive habits and start to withdraw themselves.

They may then go into mental relapse, where they begin to focus on their addiction. Becoming nostalgic about their old lifestyle and their old friends.

If this process isn’t stopped, they will continue to physical relapse. Where they will actually relapse and give into whatever addiction they have been struggling with.

How to Prevent a Drug Relapse

Though staying clean is very difficult, there are ways to make this easier. There are some steps that you can take so that your chances of success are greater.

This is important if you are serious about being clean and want to succeed. As recovery doesn’t just happen, it is a long process that you will need to go through.

Have a Support Group

It is very important for those in recovery to have a support group. This will help to fill the void as well as create the support that you will need when you feel weak.

Your support group could be an actual group for recovering addicts, or it could be a group of friends and family. Ideally, you should have both to create a stronger support group.

These should be people who want the best for you and are there if you need them. Helping you to avoid temptation as well as stay away from old friends who may peer pressure you.

Minimize Exposure

Those in recovery will need to minimize their exposure to their addiction. This includes cutting out old friends who aided you in your addiction and are addicts themselves.

You should avoid coming into contact with your addiction. Whether it be alcohol or hard drugs, as you don’t need the temptation around you.

A big part of drug rehabilitation is removing yourself from that world to get clean.

Adopt Healthy Habits

There are many risk factors that can result in a relapse, which is why healthy habits are important. These will take the place of bad habits, creating a healthier lifestyle.

This could include excreting, eating well, getting a job, and developing hobbies. You should create a completely new lifestyle to support your new goals.

Go to Therapy

Many who were addicts could benefit from going to therapy. Doing this can help you to better understand your addiction and why you end up there in the first place.

It will also help you to better learn how to navigate your life and emotions. Without having to turn back to harmful substance abuse.

Drug Relapsing and How to Prevent it

A drug relapse can be very serious and is a big risk to those in recovery. Drug rehabilitation is a long process, and you will have to stay the course as best you can.

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