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5 Benefits of Traveling Out of State for Rehab

Written By Recovery Centers - March 3rd, 2022
5 Benefits of Traveling Out of State for Rehab

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can wreak havoc on a person’s life. Living with addiction often means facing serious consequences to your health, emotional wellbeing, and relationships. It may also lead to life-altering legal or financial trouble that can follow you for many years.

Because addiction changes the way your brain and body function, it can be very difficult to stop using drugs or alcohol without professional treatment. There are many types of addiction treatment programs, several levels of care, and a wide range of facilities that offer these services. The type of treatment a person needs depends on several biological, personal, and environmental factors, including the severity of the addiction and treatment history.

Choosing to receive addiction treatment is often a life-changing decision. Once someone recognizes the need for treatment and determines which level of care they need, they will have many treatment options to consider.

In many cases, the first decision people will make is whether to go to a treatment center that is nearby or to an out-of-state rehab. Traveling for rehab offers many benefits and is the right choice for many people who need treatment. Understanding these benefits of traveling out of state for rehab can help you make a good choice about your own treatment.

1. Traveling May Give You Better Treatment Options

Depending on where you live, you may not always have access to the types of programs or facilities you need to meet your unique needs. Finding the right addiction treatment is important, especially if you require special care for a mental illness or medical condition. If you do not have treatment facilities that offer the care you need, traveling for rehab may be the best choice.

Some people may also choose to attend an out-of-state rehab that is well-known to provide exceptional treatment and service. They may want special amenities or a certain type of rehab facility that doesn’t exist in their city or state. Being open to traveling for rehab can give people unlimited choices about the care they receive.

2. Out-of-State Rehab for the Mental Break You Need

Rehab is important work that often presents challenges and a range of emotions. Often, people like the idea of traveling for rehab to get a mental break from the stress and strain of the relationships, conflicts, and problems they have at home.

Being able to leave these stressors behind while they attend treatment can be a good choice for many people. Choosing an out-of-state rehab lets people take a mental break to focus on themselves and their recovery.

3. Traveling for Rehab Gives You the Physical Distance You Need

When a person lives with addiction, many parts of their daily life can be triggering. A certain bar, their friends, specific times of day–anything can trigger the urge to drink or use drugs. Many people choose to travel for rehab because it gives them distance from the familiar, everyday things that might trigger a relapse.

This is especially important during the early days of recovery when people are likely to have strong cravings and be vulnerable to relapse. In treatment, people gain the skills and coping mechanisms to manage their cravings. Returning home after learning these skills makes it more likely that they can stay sober when faced with familiar triggers.

4. Choosing Out-of-State Rehab Makes it More Likely You’ll Complete the Program

Rehab can be very demanding. People are often faced with physical and emotional challenges that make them want to quit the program and go home. Attending an out-of-state rehab makes it much harder to pack up and go home–and this obstacle can actually make it more likely a person will finish the program.

Traveling for rehab may be a good option for people who have attempted to finish a treatment program but ended up leaving early. Simply being far from home makes it harder to quit, even when they are feeling challenged by the treatment program.

5. Traveling for Rehab Lets You Focus on Your Recovery

Attending an out-of-state rehab lets people focus entirely on their recovery. Many people with addiction have many demands like their relationships, work, children, school. These demands take a lot of attention and can make it hard for people to give enough attention to the work of addiction recovery.

But recovery needs and deserves a person’s attention. It is challenging, life-saving work. The more focus a person can give it, the more complete and long-lasting their recovery will be. For some, choosing to travel for rehab can give them the chance to slow down and focus on what matters most: their treatment program.

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