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5 Benefits of Going to an Addiction Treatment Center Near You

Written By Recovery Centers - March 7th, 2022
5 Benefits of Going to an Addiction Treatment Center Near You

Addiction is a complex and serious condition that impacts millions of people in the United States. Living with untreated addiction puts people at risk of serious consequences to their physical health, emotional wellbeing, and relationships.

Abusing drugs or alcohol over some time can lead to addiction. Addiction usually involves changes in the way a person’s brain and body work, making it very difficult for them to stop using drugs without professional intervention and treatment.

Effective treatment involves more than simply detox. To overcome addiction and avoid relapse, people must learn skills that can help them identify and treat the causes of their addiction and learn the skills they need to cope with stress and challenges.

There are many levels of care and types of facilities that offer addiction treatment services. While the level of care a person needs will be determined by their doctor or addiction specialists, people often have many choices about the facility and program they choose. The first choice is whether to attend a local addiction treatment center or to travel out of state for rehab.

There are many benefits of local rehab. If you require treatment, learning about the benefits of attending rehab near you may help you make the best choice for your care. Here are six of the most important benefits of local rehab programs.

1. Choosing Local Addiction Treatment Lets You Start Sooner

When you need addiction treatment, it is important to start as quickly as possible. Waiting gives the addiction time to grow and puts you at risk for additional consequences to your health and safety.

Choosing to attend a local addiction treatment program can allow someone to start treatment sooner because they do not need to worry about traveling to the facility or arranging a place to stay. People may also be able to easily tour the facility and meet the specialists they’ll be working with at a local facility. Knowing what to expect can save you from surprises and help you stay committed to recovery, even when rehab is challenging.

2. Attend a Rehab Near You to Save Money

When someone travels for rehab, there are often unexpected costs associated with treatment. Paying for travel, renting a car, finding a place to stay–the costs can add up quickly. Many of these expenses are not covered by insurance. Attending a local addiction treatment center can save people money while receiving the life-changing care they need.

3. Local Addiction Treatment Means Better Aftercare Planning

Addiction is never cured. Instead, people must find ways to stay engaged in treatment after completing rehab. This often means attending therapy, joining support groups or alumni networks, and participating in holistic therapies. Planning for life in recovery is easier if you can begin to prepare for it while in treatment. Choosing a rehab center near you means the facility staff will be knowledgeable in community groups in your area. They will be able to refer you to appropriate local organizations and resources that will help you create an effective aftercare plan.

4. Stay Close to Your Support Network at a Rehab Center Near You

For many people, going through addiction treatment is a challenging and sometimes difficult process. As people go through withdrawal and work through their addiction, many want to be close to supportive friends and loved ones. The support of a community is important to people in recovery. Staying close to the people who know and love you can help you as you heal from addiction.

Especially when participating in an outpatient treatment program, people may feel comforted by being able to go to family events, talk to their loved ones in person, or continue to see their regular medical or mental health professionals.

5. Live at Home During a Local Outpatient Program

Despite the negative and sometimes serious consequences of addiction, many people put off getting the treatment they need. For some, not wanting to leave home keeps them from going to rehab when it is clear they need to.

Choosing local addiction treatment lets people stay at home while receiving the outpatient treatment they need. People can stay close to their families, continue to take care of children, or simply be in a familiar place while receiving high-quality treatment.

Learn More About the Benefits of Local Rehab by Contacting Recovery Centers

At Recovery Centers, we believe that anyone can recover from addiction if they have the support they need and get high-quality, comprehensive substance abuse treatment. Our specialists’ goal is to make getting treatment as easy as possible so that you can focus on what really matters: your recovery.

We will work to verify your insurance, help determine which level of care will meet your needs, and refer you to appropriate programs and professionals.

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